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Tenant Home Purchase


Get Rent Credit towards Your Home Purchase

If you are currently leasing a home managed by Chris Warren Realty, our in house Austin property management company, SmartSource Realty will provide you a credit towards the purchase of your home. You can get up to a $1,500 allowance if you use one of our buyer’s agents to assist you in purchasing your home. If you use our in house mortgage company, we will reimburse you an additional $350 for the cost of your appraisal. Below are details:

Sales Price Allowance Provided by SSR
0 – $150,000 $500
$150,000 – $200,000 $750
$200,000 – $250,000 $1,000
Over $250,000 $1,500


Don’t leave money on the table. Call us today and let us assist you with your home purchase.